The Path

Our vision is to get back to blockchain basics, empowering the new age of web3 with transparency, trust and teamwork. Bound by common goals, $TWAE focuses on the team and community working side by side to overcome past oppressions of the Empire and take back control of our means to earn and prosper.

This is Teh Wae.

With the Bounty Hunters' Guild, we set out to achieve our mutual goals; to take our financial freedoms into our own hands, and united, reap the rewards.

We follow a code of honour, and all live by the Creed.

This is Teh Wae.

Many projects launching in 2023 have very little to no substance, nor anything to offer the community, while feeding resources to the same group of marketing entities that pump and dump their charts, caring not for the investors harmed along the way.

These malicious actors have left the strong, long-term investors, broken and scattered throughout the Galaxy. Not unlike the Empire desolating the great people of Mandalore and sending them into hiding.

This is NOT Teh Wae!

We aim to break this vicious cycle of money flowing through the corrupt hands of the select few, by instead re-directing it into the pockets of YOU, the people. With our Bounty program at the Bounty Hunters' Guild, we give everyone an equal opportunity to both earn and have their say in the direction the project will take.

Through a system of proposals and votes, our Bounty Hunters will be fully involved in the establishment, success and direction of the Teh Wae, as well as control over their own earnings, giving the power and governance back to the people. With a boundless variety of tasks ranging from large to small, there will always be an avenue from which all holders can contribute. From proposals regarding the development of the ecosystem, to simple but lucrative Bounty proposals to reward holders, all holders will have a voice.

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