Our mission is to create a large-scale Bounty Board of ongoing challenges to complete all year round, enabling people to earn constantly and consistently, while developing incredible tools to make organic project growth a possibility for all. Our mission is also centered around bringing people together that want to have a say in the direction their investment/project takes. People that may have been victim to bad actors in the past. People that want to take an active role in the decisions and structure, that is, after all, their investment.

This is Tae Way.

We strive to build a project and platform for those who have previously had very little, if any, say in Teh Wae their investment has been run. With Teh Wae, we are giving the power to the investors to propose and vote on ways to improve the project, methods of incentivizing the people, anything and everything that contributes to how Teh Wae, the Peoples' investment, was being managed and in the path the project may take.

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