Tokenomics, Tax Structure and Allocation

$TWAE (Teh Wae) is our projects' native ERC20 token, launched on Ethereum with a basic 4/4 tax structure.

  • 2% Community Bounties/Marketing

  • 1% Development

  • 1% Project Managment

Half of all revenue (50%) goes directly to the Bounty Wallet, to be used for community bounties - encouraging all members to participate and vote on challenges and their incentives. All suggestions are to be taken into consideration, however only those that benefit the project and ecosystem should be approved. This 50% of all tax may also be used for buy backs, liquidity additions, and marketing, as directed by community proposals and votes.

This is Teh Wae.

The remaining 50% of taxes will be divided between Development and Project Management, encompassing a wide variety of uses, and including team renumeration. ALLOCATION 90% of supply - Liquidity Pool 10% of supply - Future Bounties and CEX listings

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